Registration for the EEGManyPipelines project


In order to participate in the EEGManyPipelines project, you need to read and approve the following terms and conditions, as well as supply the requested background and personal information about yourself. All members of a team must complete the registration form by the registration deadline. Overall, this process will take approximately ten minutes of your time. Please fill out this form very carefully, since making corrections later on will be time-consuming for the support team.

Participation agreement

The steering committee commits to:
  1. Teams can consist of up to, but no more than, three analysts. Upon successful completion and submission of the analysis, each member of a team will be invited to co-author a manuscript prepared by the steering committee. A requirement for co-authorship is that the submitted work (e.g., analysis pipeline, scripts, results and outcomes) must be carried out only by registered members of the team.
  2. The steering committee provides the dataset to be analysed.
  3. The analysts will be invited to comment on a manuscript prepared by the steering committee. The steering committee will consolidate all comments, and make the final decisions regarding each point in the case of conflicting views. The comments must be provided during a commenting period which will be a brief time period defined by the steering committee.
  4. The steering committee commits to answering questions about the provided dataset that do not compromise the study aims, procedures for submitting the results, co-authorship, as well as keeping the participating teams informed about the project’s overall progress.
  5. Authors’ contributions will be declared in the manuscript.
  6. A grace period may be decided by the steering committee to extend the original data analysis phase, if it is deemed to benefit the project.
  7. The steering committee may exclude submitted results or participants from the study based on the following criteria:
    1. The submitting author is not a real person or the background information is otherwise false.
    2. The submitting author has not provided a full description of all analysis steps or analysis scripts used to arrive at the submitted results for the steering committee.
    3. The researcher has not disclosed conflicts of interest that must be reported for the scientific journal that will publish the study. A conflict of interest may arise for example “when an individual’s objectivity is potentially compromised by a desire for financial gain, prominence, professional advancement or a successful outcome” (Elsevier).
    4. The researcher violates any of the terms and conditions of this participation agreement.
    5. The steering committee deems that the submission was not done in good faith.
The researcher commits to:
  1. The researcher registers during the registration period that ends on 2021-10-03. If researchers participate together as a team, all team members’ information must be submitted by the end of the registration period. A successful registration includes submitting correct answers to the background questions asked on the registration form.
  2. At least one team member must have at least one publication featuring EEG data analysis in order to qualify for participation.
  3. The researcher agrees to analyze the data carefully and according to her or his best ability.
  4. The project aims to collect independent analysis pipelines, so teams must not communicate their own pipelines to anyone prior to the end of the data analysis phase, which is on 2022-04-30. This includes personal communications as well as publishing the pipelines or the obtained results in any form. Sharing of intermediate results or partial pipelines is also prohibited. If the steering committee finds out about such communication and deems that it has made one or more pipelines redundant, it will exclude the associated team members from the project and the author list.
  5. The researcher submits a complete answer to each hypothesis, fills in the data analysis questionnaire, and submits all source code used to derive the results by the end of the data analysis period. The researcher agrees that not submitting results by the end of the data analysis period allows the steering committee to remove the team from the study and exclude the researcher(s) from the author list.
  6. The researcher will not engage in disrespectful discussions or harass other researchers.
  7. The researcher approves the final manuscript to be submitted for publication during the submission period, which will be a brief time period defined by the steering committee. If the researcher decides not to approve the manuscript, his or her contribution will be acknowledged in an acknowledgements section.
  8. The researcher gives the steering committee a right to publish all submitted results and materials, including the analysis scripts, under the CC-BY license.
  9. The researcher has the right to withdraw from the collaboration at any time during the project. If a researcher chooses to withdraw, there is an option to delete all submitted data before a manuscript has been sent for publication.
  10. If the researcher discovers an error in a submitted result after the data analysis phase has ended, the researcher must notify the steering committee and provide details of the error that has occurred, and a description of how this may have affected the obtained results. The steering committee decides on the appropriate actions on a case-by-case basis, and has the right to exclude the submitted data if a major error has occurred.

CC-BY license

The steering committee may publish all data, source code, and other materials submitted by each data analysis team under the CC-BY license. "This license allows reusers to distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon the material in any medium or format, so long as attribution is given to the creator. The license allows for commercial use."

Registration form

Please fill out this form carefully. Please double-check that your email address is correct, which you will have to re-enter when submitting the data analysis results.

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Information related to previous EEG analysis experience

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